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    • 产品名称: Lithospermum root extract

    • 行1: 【English name】Lithospermum root extract
    • 行2: 【Character】 dark red or dark black liquid or paste, having a characteristic odor and a bitter taste;
    • 行4: 【Effects】The medicinal part we used is the dried root. It helps regulate body temperature and helps
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    • 产品名称: Sulglycotide

    • 行1: 【Chemical composition】a semi-synthetic glycopeptides polymers sulfate
    • 行2: 【CAS#】 54182-59-1
    • 行4: 【Character】 pale brown ,amorphous powder,slight hygroscopic property; soluble in water and insoluble
    • 行5: 【Effects】 Sulglycotide is a kind of sulfuric acid ester, which is obtained from the...
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    • 产品名称: Heparin Sodium

    • 行1: 【English name】heparin sodium;
    • 行2: 【Origin】porcine small intestinal mucosa;
    • 行4: 【Character】white or almost white powder ,hygroscopic property, soluble in water ;
    • 行5: 【CAS #】9041-08-1;
    • 行6: 【Effects】Heparin sodium has many effects such as anticoagulation, antipaltelet aggregation, improvin
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